Sometimes the best way to get what you want is to create it yourself.

Before Harper Ellis, the problem with the hair extension industry was that hairstylists weren’t the ones creating products. We decided that needed to change. Our CEO, Terra Harvell, took matters into her own hands after her salon in Fort Smith, AR had to replace over $30,000 worth of bad hair in one month alone. She loved offering extensions, but was losing money due to the lack of quality control and customer support. It became her mission to create hair extensions that exceeded the quality that anyone in the industry had ever seen before.

In 2019, Terra got on an airplane to China, going straight to the source and finding a manufacturer who would listen to her, the hair expert, on how extensions should actually be created. Terra worked closely with a team to create a patented, bond building process to help preserve the natural bond of the hair, making it last longer. She also created one-of-a-kind manufacturing process, a system where hair would never be “forced” to lift past what it could handle.

This is a revolutionary practice, where the industry’s standard is to lift hair to a level 10 and recolor. We also work with the hair’s natural tones, assuring that your hair will never fade to an unsightly “brassy” tone.

We have the mindset that hairdressers are not just hairdressers. With our products and services we help them build wealth far beyond behind the chair.

We proudly and ethically source our hair out of Western China

Where some of the strongest and healthiest hair in the world is. We purchase hair from individuals who are fairly compensated, so they can live healthy lives. Healthy life = Healthy hair! We are proud to have access to this hair, but are more proud that we get to contribute to the fair compensation in an industry where so frequently, this isn’t the case. Our hair is 100% Remy, double drawn, and silicone free. Harper Ellis Hair is crafted through a one-of-a-kind manufacturing process that prioritizes keeping the natural bond in tact, using our patented bond building technology. Our shades are beautiful and brass resistant, due to working with the natural lift and tone of the hair. You can stand behind our quality, because we stand behind our quality.

Serving our customers is our highest priority

Serving our customers is our highest priority. As a company built by stylists, we’ve got our stylist’s backs. We are here to help problem solve, assure customer satisfaction, and help build the next generation of movers & shakers in the hair industry.

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