The Harper Ellis Elite Weft

Learn More About The Elite Weft

The Harper Ellis Elite Weft is the most innovative weft on the market, and has totally changed the game for extension artists.

Unlike a traditional hand-tied weft, The elite weft is a hand-tied weft that can be cut without coming unraveled.

It also has no return or mustache hair, so no itchy scalps!

And our personal favorite feature of this weft is that is even smaller and flatter than a traditional weft, meaning it lays closer to your clients scalp.

Lastly, one of the main features I love to make sure everyone knows about is the grammage. Often stylists will compare the price of hair by the weft or the pack. At Harper Ellis, we price our hair by the gram.

Our elite wefts hold more grammage than our hand-tied wefts. For example, our 22” elite weft holds 30 grams of our luxury hair while our 22” hand-tied weft holds 20 grams. So yes, the price of a single elite weft is priced higher than our other wefts, but your getting over 30% more grams, which allows you to do more with less.

And as always with Harper Ellis, our elite wefts are sold by the individual weft to make it easier for you to be creative, and mix and match colors for that unique blend and look

We sell our hair in individual wefts. If you haven’t ordered from us before you are probably used to buying a “pack” of wefts containing a particular gram-mage of hair.

We sell our hair by the individual wefts to make it easier for you to be creative, and mix and match colors for that unique blend and look! This also saves you money, allowing you to be more profitable. Only buy as much hair as you need!

14”- 17g.  

18”- 23g.  

22”- 30g.  

24”- 35g.

For an average client, we recommend 4 wefts per row applied. 

Ex. 2 Rows = 8 Wefts

Hand-tied wefts should last on average of 1 year,  this duration is greatly affected by the care of the extensions. Refer to the Hair Extension Care Guide to get the longest life span out of your wefts.

Elite Wefts are designed to be cut and customized to fit the width of the clients head. The wefts can be at any point of the weft without coming unraveled.

Elite Wefts can be colored (never lightened). We do recommend doing a swatch test to determine the outcome before applying color to the entire weft.

Keep in mind that Elite Wefts have a seal on the binding that does not shift with hair color. We recommend ordering the weft color of your selection with a root, if you plan to custom root the wefts.

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