It probably happens every time you go to pay for your latest hair transformation. Your stylist tries to show you some great products, but you feel a little unsure. Why not just keep using that bright green bottle from the grocery store or the delicious smelling shampoo you’ve used since high school? I’m here to tell you . . . those aren’t going to cut it anymore! Let’s talk about why the right hair products matter now more than ever.

Investing in hair extensions is truly an investment in yourself! We upgrade our self confidence, our style, and elevate our overall look with this dreamy, full hair because let’s be real: hair is the first thing people notice about us. If you’ve made that investment, you have to protect it!

Hair extensions stylists are some of foremost experts in the industry. A hand-tied artist goes through dozens hours of training and practice to master the art of hair extensions. They understand the chemical processes your hair has gone through and what it takes to keep that hair looking flawless. Trusting their recommendations should be a no brainer! They’re not here to sell you on a product or make commission — they’re here to make sure you protect your investment!

The right products are important for any hair care routine, but with extensions, the right products are CRUCIAL! There are several variables here, so let me break it down.


First, remember that buying hair extensions is a LUXURY. Let’s think of it as buying a luxury car. You wouldn't put regular gasoline in a Bentley, right? No, you use premium! Giving your hair extensions the right products is like giving your Bentley premium gasoline. The best products will result in the best performance. Drugstore hair products will gum up your hair just like regular gas would gum up your luxury engine! 


Now, let’s talk chemicals. Harper Ellis hair is top of the line as far as quality, but the hair still has to be put through a process and chemicals are used to create those flawless colors that blend so naturally. Not all products, even some that are considered “professional,” will actually work properly with hair extensions and the chemicals used to create them. Maintaining the longevity is super important for your investment. Just take my word for it -- YOUR HAIRSTYLIST KNOWS WHAT'S BEST FOR YOUR HAIR!


Next, let’s talk ingredients. My rule of thumb is to stay away from proteins, parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. But did you know that a lot of "professional" products contain these ingredients? Picking up your favorite product from a box store or an online retailer because of its wonderful smell and amazing packaging may be a no-go. 

Again, your hair stylist is the expert here! If reading labels and remembering a list of ingredients to avoid isn’t your jam, utilities your stylist! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and invest a little more in your products. Remember, you’ve bought your Bentley, now you have to take of that baby!


Finally, a word of warning. Just ONE single use of the wrong product can cause poor performance and damage to your extensions. Be sure to always use the recommended products and make sure you are stocked with those travel sizes for vacations! Never ever rely on hotel shampoo for your luxury hair!

Now that you know just how important it is to take the best care of your hair investment, we have an exciting announcement coming for you. It’s about to get a whole lot easier to trust the right products for your Harper Ellis hair! Sign up HERE to be the first to know what's coming your way!