I loved my experience in hair school. When I finished, I felt like I was a great hairdresser, and I was on my way to big things. I learned pretty quickly, however, that there was a lot of DIDN’T learn in hair school Some things you just have to learn on your feet, but some things you can learn with us here at Harper Ellis!

Our Harper Ellis educational events, from our Method classes to our Masterclasses, focus on more than just technique. We also teach you how reach your dream income goals, how to create a luxury brand for your luxury service, how to market yourselves, and so much more. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the things I WISH I had learned earlier on and am now passing on to other stylists like me:


This couldn’t be more important. You can be the best hairdresser in the world, but if you don’t have customer service skills, you will fail. Of course it’s important to stand your ground, set boundaries, and be a good businesswoman, but it’s more important to have a servant's heart when it comes to serving your customers. These are the people who pay your bills and make your job possible. Serving then to the best of your abilities is crucial.


Hair school is there to teach you the craft, but what about getting out of school and actually making a living? Learning how to strategically book clients and work on your timing is the biggest step in becoming profitable.

And it doesn’t stop there. What about making your “goal income?” I mean that BIG goal, not just what you need to pay your bills. Do you know how to accomplish it on your own? You have to put a strategy in place to make it attainable, and that’s something I LOVE helping stylists do!


We all believe we are “professional,” but do you really know what professionalism is? Where do you draw the line with your clients and the conversations you have? Do you come in dressed with your best effort every day? Is slacking from time to time and rushing through a service ok with you? 

Maintaining your professionalism and creating boundaries with your clients is a big part of being seen as a professional luxury service provider. I’m all about keeping things fun and light and being friendly with my clients, but there is such a thing as oversharing and under delivering! 


Now that we’re all professional, motivated businessmen and women, and we’re working on our goal income, it’s time to figure out what to DO with that money. 

Do you know how to manage your money? Are you ready for retirement or maternity leave? What about an accidental injury? Anything could happen, so you need to be prepared for anything.

As stylists, we know how much potential we have to earn and create our dream lives. You can make that bank account grow even bigger by managing your finances and investments well! I know Carrie Bradshaw inspired us all when she said she likes her money right where she can see it — hanging in her closet — but I prefer my money to be MAKING money! One of my biggest regrets is not hiring a financial advisor sooner so that I could start understanding how to make my money work for me instead of me always working for it. 

Next month, I’m going to share even more of the things I learned after years behind the chair. I’m so excited to share my experiences and hopefully save you from making some of the mistakes I made!

If you’re ready to dive deeper into the business side of being a stylist, maybe our next Masterclass is right for you! Check out our upcoming classes HERE!