Have you heard the buzz about hand tied extensions? If you’re contemplating investing in your dream hair, you probably have! When choosing between the different types of hair extensions, it’s important to know all of the facts.


Hand tied hair extensions are handmade wefts of hair that are sewn onto your natural hair using beads and nylon string, typically. They last about 6-8 weeks, then they are moved up as your hair grows.

Hand tied extension installation requires training, practice, and skill, so they are an investment. But this is an investment that’s worth it! You’ll be working with a skilled stylist as he or she customizes the hair extensions to look like your dream hair.

The best thing about our hand tied hair extensions? If installed properly, they are safe for your hair, even it’s on the finer side. These hair extensions cause far less damage than tape ins, and they’re much lighter than clip ins!

Plus, hand tied hair extensions are sewn in with beads, which means you CAN put your hair UP! That’s right, you can rock a pony without seeing your hair extensions!


At Harper Ellis, we value quality, education, and community. That’s why Terra and Rachel searched the globe to find THE best hair extensions

Our hair extensions are made with 100% real human hair, and of course, the wefts are handmade rather than machine-made, which makes them lighter and easier to conceal.

Because our hair extensions are made with authentic Remy human hair, your stylist can custom color your wefts to match the exact color you’re looking for! You can get close with our expansive color wheel, but there’s nothing quite like custom color!

Finally, our Harper Ellis hair IS real hair, so you can style them just like your natural hair. Whether you love stick-straight locks or tight curls, you can try all kinds of styles with your new handtied hair extensions.


We loved hand tied hair extensions enough to create our own method of installation, the Harper Ellis Method. We love teaching this to stylists at our in-person academies AND with our online education! A proper installation is crucial when it comes to long-lasting, natural-looking hair extensions. The more stylists that we can teach and empower, the more hair dreams will come true!


When researching hair extensions, it’s important to ask your stylist what kind of hair they use and how they received their training. You want one of our Harper Ellis Elite stylists AND some of our luxurious Harper Ellis hair! After all, if you’re making the investment in your dream hair, you deserve the absolute best. At Harper Ellis, we believe that the best is someone who invests in their education!

If you’re a stylist who is interested in learning more about the Harper Ellis Method, you can purchase our Digital Academy to start learning right away or sign up for our next Method & Mentoring Class with our CEO, Terra Harvell, on Sunday, September 20, 2020! We would love to see you there!

Cheers to success!


The Harper Ellis Hair Co. Team