The Harper Ellis Concealed Bead Method™ was engineered and perfected by our CEO Terra Harvell, and designed for salon reality after installing extensions on 1000’s of clients.

The Method Is Reliable.
After being certified in several other methods, Terra needed something more reliable for her own clients. With a large clientele, with many traveling from hours away and other states, she needed a method that she could rely on. Having an installation issue was NOT an option. This method, when perfected, is 100% reliable!

The Method Is Safe.
A big reason this method was created is because of the constant sore spots on clients scalp from other methods. As someone with fine hair herself, Terra knew there was nothing worse than seeing extensions causing hair loss for clients.

The Method is Comfortable.
As someone who was very tender headed, Terra knew there must be a way to create a method that didn’t cause so much pain. Sure, soreness may happen, but pain? NO WAY! The Harper Ellis Concealed Bead Method is not only a method that is very comfortable during the install process, but you can quickly pull your hair on top of your head and put it in a pony tail.

The Method Conceals the Beads 100%.
Again, as a fine haired woman herself, it was very hard for Terra to hide the beads with her extensions. She wanted to create a method that completely concealed the beads so her clients can put their hair up, or have fun with any creative styles they wanted!

The Method is Quick.
As an extension expert, Terra had a very high traffic extension clientele. She would typically see 7-9 extension clients a day. So a method that was simply and quick to put in was a must. This method not only teaches you a new skill, it also helps you make more money and be profitable with it, because TIME IS MONEY!

We teach you how to properly consult with your clients to close the deal every time, how to properly color and cut extensions for the perfect blend, how to brand yourself as an ELITE stylist, and how to market yourself to your ideal clients.

We give all the tools you need to find success!
And we don’t stop there! Your Certification includes a private mentorship with CEO + Founder of Harper Ellis Hair Co. and the creator of the Harper Ellis Method, Terra Harvell. She will answer your questions, improve your work, and encourage you every step of the way! Plus, you’ll gain access to our incredibly inclusive and supportive ELITE Stylist community!