I know that stylists focus on product education with your clients – which is super important – but, do you educate on HEAT?

From my experience, I’ve seen heat act as a major culprit in damage not only to natural hair but also to hair extensions. Did you know you can burn the moisture out of your hair? And in time, you may burn your physical hair, too!



When it comes to styling tools, consider this: Does your iron have a protective barrier?

I love the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler. This curling iron has a bio-ceramic mineral-infused barrier, which offers extra protection for my natural hair & my extensions. Not to mention, it curls hair flawlessly and offers long-lasting hold (even on lower temperatures!)

Another styling tool that I LOVE is the Dyson blow-dryer. The Dyson is a dryer unlike any other because it doesn’t remove all the moisture from the hair. This may seem counter-intuitive of a blow-dryer, but this is actually a GREAT thing for your hair!  Many blow-dryers completely remove ALL the moisture from your hair – even the good moisture that professional products work so hard to restore. This causes hair to become too dry, fragile, and ultimately… break apart.

The Dyson senses the temperature of your hair & continuously adjusts the heat setting of the dryer to maintain a safe heat level, which keeps your hair from going past dry and into DRIED OUT. This also allows for better hair-styling because your hair isn’t stripped of all its nutrients and moisture.

When using heat tools on hair extensions… remember to keep your temperature at 300 or below.

And though it’s not a heat tool per se, my favorite brush is the Wet Brush Pro Epic Professional Quick Dry hairbrush. It is soft enough to be forgiving on your tangles but strong enough to effectively remove them. The brush is also vented for styling-ease and curved to your head for maximum comfort. And the best part? It is versatile to both in-salon and at-home styling! Many of my stylists and clients love using this brush as part of their daily hairstyling routines.

So remember, educate your clients on heat! It can be crucial to their hair, and ultimately your work!


Terra Harvell, CEO + Founder