Whether you’re new to the extension game – or very experienced – we all have one thing in common.

You can NEVER have too many valuable extension clients.

The most prized extension clients are few & far-between… and they can seem difficult to find.

They tend to be pickier than many of your other clients – and more high maintenance – but yet, these are people who willing to make an investment! They also may be the clients who other people watch on the internet or in your local society – so they tend to bring you even MORE business, as long as you make them happy!

If you dream of attracting this caliber of extension client, your social media presence needs to be on point.

Everything – including your handle, your bio, your captions AND your photos – need to tell a quick story that resonates with your dream clientele.

Extension clients WILL look you up & thoroughly browse your portfolio. Your page needs to reflect your expertise, your education & your availability, in order to hook these clients!

The Harper Ellis team of experts & I believe that potential clients should be able to glance over your social media and immediately know these 3 things within 3 seconds:


blog banner.png


For example, when I was working behind the chair & my extension clientele was thriving – THIS is what my page looked like:




Now as an Entrepreneur and Educator behind the chair, I want to showcase all of my business initiatives – now, THIS is what my page looked like:


Everything down to my IG handle revolved around extensions. Potential clients knew that I was fully committed to providing the best quality extension services possible.

Your profile should scream “I AM EDUCATED & PROFESSIONAL” Post high-quality images of incredible before and after’s. Showcase your skills! Talk about any continuing education that you attend or any awards you receive. Promote yourself as a skilled professional!

While I still do hair, I’m mostly focused behind-the-scenes on providing you all with the best products on the market and highest level of extension artist support.

Notice how my social media presence (once again, down to my IG handle) has shifted as my priorities have changed.



I am challenging you today to revamp your social media in order to level-up as the extension gurus that you are! Your dream clients are out there and they are LOOKING for YOU! Show them who you are & what you are capable of.

I believe positioning yourself correctly & promoting yourself efficiently is the BEST place to start in earning success within the hair extensions industry.

I can’t wait to show you all how in 365 days – I TRIPLED my income behind the chair!



Terra Harvell, CEO + Founder