November 01, 2015


We’re so excited to announce our first Stylist Spotlight featuring Shawna Enright!


Our mission at Harper Ellis Hair Co. is to support stylists in their quest for personal success. We elevate our handtied artists — not only by providing them access to the HIGHEST quality extensions on the market — but also in offering an unparalleled stylist support network.

As part of this stylist-centered network, we want to lift up artists and feature their handiwork. You have probably seen us do this on social media… and now we are proud to feature artists on our WEBSITE, too!

You are ALL deserving of recognition for your earnest efforts in this fast-paced yet rewarding industry. Keep your eyes peeled for our showcase of stylists. We will feature two stylists per month!

Who knows — YOU might be next!

For our first stylist spotlight ever, we talked with Shawna Enright, @shawnaenrighthair, to talk about her career and her business.

Hey Shawna! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey All! My name is Shawna Enright and I am a salon owner that serves Southeastern Wisconsin. I actually just hit my 3 year business anniversary the other day, whoo! I love to serve my clients with change and a relaxing environment. I like to say that I created a little “community” with my chair because my clients have become almost like family. Over my hair career, I’ve traveled all over the world for education. I am a color educator for J Beverly Hills and I also am certified in SKW and NBR hand tied extensions.

Most of the time you can catch me at the salon, otherwise I’ll be sitting my butt on a beach 2-3 times a year. Traveling is my biggest passion and I believe it gives you new insights to see the world. Follow me on social media and I can take you all along with me! Also, I have the cutest puppy in the world, Gemma. Not being biased. She’s a Merle Great Dane puppy that’s gaining 8-10 pounds a week. Bless me!

Tell us about your career as a hair stylist.

I grew up in a salon. My life was always hair. When my parents were getting divorced we moved above my aunts salon. I always went down there every Saturday morning and was compensated in nickels for combing out the ladies roller sets. Seeing that my aunt never worked a day in her life, I choose to stay in the beauty industry my entire high school career. I started as an apprentice after high school at 17 years old and moved to Paul Mitchell the School Green Bay. There, I graduated in 10 months at high honors and started my career as an assistant. 2 years later o took a leap of faith, changed my address, my relationship status, and opened my own establishment.

Within the 3 years of owning my LLC, I’ve traveled 2-3 times out of state for education. I also was asked to become and educator for the color line I was using. I think it’s so amazing where this industry can take you. I come from a very small town in Wisconsin and I love having a low key lifestyle. However, I think that knowing some of the most amazing and talented people in the industry, in the states and out of the country, is such a phenomenal feeling. It’s only been 3 years and I’m so excited to see where I’ll end up in this journey.

Can you tell us why you do hand-tied extensions – and why do you use our hair?

I chose to start my journey with hand tied extensions because of a client. I was working with Aqua tape ins and was very successful with them. My client Lauren said, “Shawna, if you ever can do these extensions, I will pay for you to go to training”! The funniest part about it was that my Instagram hair friend Brandi messaged me saying that I should go to BMS Con with her and that I had to apply to get in while Lauren was in my chair. I’m always someone who believes in putting things into the universe. Anyways, when I saw the confidence that a simple thing like hair can do for people- it’s a feeling that I can never describe. Helping women reach their full potential with confidence is a service that you can never put a price tag to.

I love using Harper Ellis hair because of what they stand for. With it being owned by hairstylists, I love knowing that all of the struggles we have had with other companies are covered. The hair also is the best quality and I have yet to see it dried together like other brands. I also love that I haven’t had to custom color them like I have in the past. Saves me time and my time is money.

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