January 05, 2022


In this spotlight, we chat with Tulsa, Oklahoma hairstylist Holly Brewer! We’re so excited to share Holly’s story and her work with you and talk all about her plans for 2022!

Our mission at Harper Ellis Hair Co. is to support stylists in their quest for personal success. We elevate our hand-tied artists not only by providing them access to the highest quality hair extensions on the market but also in offering an unparalleled stylist support network and industry-leading hair education.

In this spotlight, we chat with Tulsa, Oklahoma hairstylist and salon owner Holly Brewer! We’re so excited to share Holly’s story and her work with you and talk all about her plans for 2022!


I am a salon owner based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I have been doing hair for seven years. I am twenty-six years old and thriving! I enjoy spending time with my baby, Camden, who is almost four years old and my reason for everything I do. In my free time, I enjoy continuing my education for my business, spending time with my friends, and experiencing Tulsa.

We would love to know what’s brought you to where you are now! Tell us about your career as a hairstylist — how you started, all that fun stuff!

So, I actually dropped out of high school to pursue cosmetology ! I was always interested in makeup, hair, etc. and loved the thought of making a career out of it and couldn’t wait to get started! My goal was to make women feel beautiful. I enrolled in BA beauty college at 17 years old, graduated, and started in a salon right out of hair school at the age of 18.

I quickly realized that my desire was to open my own salon and help other stylists grow their clientele and knowledge base. I have such a passion for people and inspiring women to be the best versions of themselves, both personally and professionally. One of my main missions in my business is to encourage women to show up authentically as the powerful individuals they are. My time spent investing in my business and growing have brought me to this point, and I am so excited to see where it goes from here.

What advice would you give to other stylists starting their careers?

Put in the hours! I still work incredibly hard to this day. From the get go, figure out what you want to specialize in and be yourself. You will attract people of the same caliber if you truly show up as the person you are and love your clientele well.

Another giant thing is to remember that this is a business and should be treated as such. Don’t, however, let the business side overpower the hospitality side of our career because without clients, we have no job. Always treat your clients with love! Most of my clients have become my friends as I can relate to them on more than just a surface level.

Can you tell us why you choose to use hand-tied extensions and why you use Harper Ellis hair?

I chose to do hand-tied because of the flexibility it gives my clients to conceal their extensions. They are also healthier as far as overall installation and upkeep. Because Harper Ellis sells by the weft, I can truly accomplish my clients’ hair goals by tailoring their hair to their liking. They also offer such a wide variety of colors and options which make it easier to customize the colors for my clients.

Tell us some of your 2022 goals!

My 2022 goals include growing individually and professionally, adding stylists to my new salon location, and being the the best at what I do in the state. Last year I doubled my business, and I am looking to do that again.

In 2022, I am also prioritizing balancing work and home to be able to show up as the best version of myself for my clients and my family. I will also work toward furthering my extension career and eventually becoming an educator.

Holly, we are so proud of you and everything you do day in and day out! To see more of Holly’s work and follow her journey, find her on Instagram!

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