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Accessories Kit- this tool kit holds everything you need for a successful install and you’ll look like the professional while doing it!

HE thread- this is our signature Harper Ellis nylon thread! This thread will ensure the best stitching on your installs and be almost undetectable because of its thinness.

2 millimeter non-silicone beads- these are the beads we use to install the Harper Ellis concealed bead method! They are the smallest more undetectable beads on the market. 

Needles- your needle is what you will tie to your nylon string to do the stitching portion of the method.

Weft clips- these are the small silver clips you will use to hold everything in place while you do the HE Concealed Bead method.

HE Velcro’s- these are used to keep your sections clean and all of the fly always out of the way.

Loop Tool- this is what will hold your beads while installing your bead work during the method.

Tail Comb- the HE tail comb is used for easy and clean sectioning.

Section Clips- these are the larger black clips, used to keep the bulk of your section up and secure while you are working.

Removal Scissors- these are the mini scissors in your kit used to cut the string during removal or any wefts that need to be cut at the base.

Crushed Bead Tool- these are the pliers that have the prongs on the end. If a bead were to ever get crushed during removal, these pliers will help to safely remove it from your client's hair.

Bead Removal Tool- these pliers will be used to reform your beads from closing them with pliers during the removal process.

Pliers- these pliers will be used to clamp down and close the beads during your installation process.

Practice Wefts- these are practice wefts, used for practice only as these are not the same quality as our Harper Ellis hair.

Notebook- take all the notes while completing  your certification.

Glue- this glue is used to seal off any knots or any wefts If they are cut at the base.

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