For a lot of us, it can be a pretty big shock if a once loyal client leaves you. It feels like a breakup, right? No one likes that! That’s why we’re giving you three reasons you might be losing clients and how to fix it! Plus, we have an incredible new FREE resource for you to help with all things pricing and giving yourself a raise without losing clients! Keep reading to see why YOU might be losing clients!

You Take Your Clients for Granted

This can look different for all of us, I know. If you show up in sweats because your oldest client is in, you’re taking that client for granted. If you phone it in on a service because you’ve seen this client for years, you’re taking them for granted. If you don’t write a thank you card for a great tip, you’re taking them for granted.

The best thing you can do is treat every client like a new client. Treat them like they could leave any time because they CAN! Take good care of them, ask how they’re doing, and take notes on things you talk about so you can ask them thoughtful questions at their next appointment. Offer them snacks and drinks, make sure they’re comfortable, and don’t forget to check in while they’re processing or waiting! These little things all add up to make a big difference.

And above all else, remember the Golden Rule: treat people how you would like to be treated!

You Haven’t Taken a New Class in Ages

Our industry changes FAST — if you don't keep up, you go down! It’s so important to invest in yourself and your education if you want to continue serving your clients in the best way possible. If you’re not mastering new trends, your clients WILL notice, and you’ll struggle to book new clients.

We recommend attending at least two in-person classes or workshops every year. It’s also a great idea to book a mentoring or shadow session with your favorite stylist at least once a year. The knowledge AND the networking is invaluable as you keep up with our industry!

You Raise Your Prices Without Notice

This is a big one! Put yourself in your clients shoes — if you were to go to your favorite nail artist expecting to pay your usual $60 for a fresh set, and then you went to check out and it was $80, you would be surprised, right? You might even feel taken advantage of or unappreciated if your nail artist didn’t even bother to mention it during your appointment.

Your clients will likely feel the same way if you unexpectedly increase your prices without any type of notice or announcement. Luckily, we have a brand new FREE e-book that gives you all the tips and tricks for raising your prices without losing clients!

This e-book covers how to know if it’s time to raise your prices, how much you should increase, when you should do it, and how you can let your clients know. It’s everything you need to give yourself a raise and keep your valued clients!