Picture it: you’re ready to do this killer hair extensions installation. You’ve met with the client, brainstormed custom color, and chosen the length. You know you’ll need one weft of one color and two wefts of another to create the perfect voluminous blend. 

Now all that’s left to do is order the hair extensions! But wait . . . you can only order colors in bundles of three or four or six wefts? How frustrating is that?!


That’s why at Harper Ellis Hair Co., we do things differently. We sell our hand-tied hair extensions by the weft so you can order exactly as many as you need —- no more, no less!

With Harper Ellis, you can fully flex your creative muscles without having to commit to more hair than you really need. You have the freedom to mix and match gorgeous, unique blends that will match your client’s vision. If you need two 14’’ wefts of the Vanilla and four 22’’ wefts of the Britton, you can have exactly that!


At Harper Ellis Hair Co., our mission is to serve stylists at every level.  The ability to buy hair extensions by the weft is a big money-saver for stylists who just starting to build their extensions clientele! Whether you have one hair extensions client each month or fifteen, you can buy the hair you need when you need it!

Of course, when you build your empire of many, many hair extensions clients, it's a great idea to have extra wefts of your most popular colors and lengths on hand!

Are you ready to order individual wefts to create someone’s dream hair? Shop all of our beautiful, brass-free colors HERE! And remember to tag @harperellishairco when you share your creations on Instagram! We love reposting your work to inspire other stylists!

Cheers to success,

Terra + the Harper Ellis Team