After our last blog all about thriving in COVID, our DMs were filled with messages from stylists asking the same question: “How can I KEEP my clients coming back to me?” In a world of endless options, it’s more important than ever to set yourself apart. Today, we’ve put together 7 ways to keep your clients coming back to you again and again!


This is something I try to build culture around at my own salon. Of course you want to keep track of what you did, the formulas you used, etc, but I want you to take note of so much more!

I aways make time to write down the personal little details that my clients share with me. Whether they have a new job or they’re dating someone special or their kids have a soccer game coming up, I want to remember to ask about these things the next time I see them. 

Remembering these little details will show your clients that they’re not just another appointment on your books. It shows that you care, and that personal touch is everything!


You should be giving your client the best experience EVERY SINGLE TIME they walk in the door. Remember, Stylist, it’s not about you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a bad morning or if you’re feeling less than stellar. At the end of the day, you need to remember that your client picked you out of thousands of other stylists. It’s an honor, so you need to recognize that by being present and engaged!

What are some ways you can be more present? Put your phone away and make conversation with your client! Smile, make sure they’re comfortable, and make them feel better than they felt when they walked in! 


I believe that helping your client purchase the right products is an essential part of client retention. 

First of all, if they have the products you sold them in their bathroom or shower, they’re going to think about you every time they use them! It’s important that their product is correct and works for them so that they remember YOU as the stylist who is protecting their investment in their dream hair.

Secondly, we’re kind of like hair pharmacists. The products we send home with our clients are their prescriptions. They are trusting you to give their hair the right medicine! The odds of them coming back are greater if they trust you to recommend the best products and make their visions for their hair come to life.


This is another key aspect of salon culture. All stylists should be making sure their clients book their next appointment before leaving the salon. 

When I explain this to my clients, I want to convey that it’s crucial for them to book their next appointment before leaving. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to get on my books! I tell them that it’s a MUST to make sure they get back in in time so that I can SERVE them to the of my abilities.

For us as stylists, booking those next appointments means guaranteeing income for yourself! Don’t wait around for your client to call you! Push for those next appointments and always know you’ll have money coming in.


Pretty hair pictures are great, but it’s important to provide posts that position you as a professional. Now I know what you’re probably thinking: “I don’t want to give my tips away to other stylists!” I get this, I really do! I believe, however, that it’s more important to position yourself as an expert. If your client sees you as someone that is teaching and helping other stylists, they’ll see you as THE person to give them their dream hair!

Look at your social media as another job. If you’re not investing the time and effort into your social media, you’re missing the bus on free marketing! Do your best to make time for quality before and after shots of your work, and post great work consistently! Also, videos on social media are huge, so take the time to play and around and make some great transformation videos to share.


I’m old school, so I believe that snail mail speaks volumes! I always make sure I get my client’s address so I can send them a handwritten thank you card after they come in, especially for new clients who come in for their very first visit. Those kind of things get lost these days, so this is a perfect way to set yourself apart.

I recommend remembering the little things. Be hospitable — ask your client if they want a drink or a snack while you formulate their color. Then go back to tip number one: take notes! Remember which drinks or snacks or even magazines your client loves so you have them ready and waiting for them on their next (pre-booked!) visit! It makes such a big impression, trust me!

Another easy tip? Use your client’s name often! Scientifically speaking, we as humans love hearing our own names! It makes us feel special and known. Instead of, “Alright girl, let’s get you rinsed,” try: “Alright, Rachel! Let’s get you rinsed!” It makes a big difference, right?


Creating some sort of loyalty program for your clients is a great way to keep them coming back to you or sending their friends your way. For example, give them a free service for every 5 clients they recommend to you!

Important to note: I’m not big on discounting your products or service. If you position yourself as a stylist who discounts your services, it puts in this category of an obtainable stylist. Instead, you want to position yourself as exclusive and desired. It’s a little bit of a hard to get game! 

Try offering a free conditioning treatment or something that doesn’t cost you a lot of time or money but is still something they don’t usually get. Your client may fall in love with that service and want to pay for it in the future!

I hope these 7 ways to keep your clients help you feel ready to stand out from the crowd! Putting in this extra effort will be worth it!

Cheers to Success,

Terra + the Harper Ellis team