Stylists in these localities may also submit hair from their clients to our specialists. Our hair sourcing experts then carefully examine each donation of hair & decide which contributions are fit to move forward to the manufacturing level. The hair is then hand-crafted into wefts and sent to us — Harper Ellis Hair Co. — in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

 Our silicone-free hair allows for the ultimate, seamless blend with your client’s natural hair. Harper Ellis hair is slightly textured; meaning when air-dried, it offers a soft, non-frizzy wave which allows for an even greater cohesive blend with most natural hair.

Harper Ellis hair is carefully crafted in a way that allows stylists to custom-tailor the wefts to your client’s head. When trimmed properly (& glued correctly), our wefts will not shed or unravel after being cut.

You’ll love our super full, double-drawn wefts. Our hair is equally full from top to bottom, which makes for flawless custom-cutting and blending.

We are also proud of our narrow weft seams. Our super small, hand-tied seam allow for the thinnest weft-stacking possible so that even your finest-haired clients can hide their installation.