Our mission at Harper Ellis Hair Co. is to support stylists in their quest for personal success. We elevate our hand-tied artists not only by providing them access to the highest quality hair extensions on the market, but also in offering an unparalleled stylist support network and industry-leading hair education.

In this spotlight, we chat with Waco hairstylist and owner of Doll House Aesthetics, Kalyn Flores! We’re so excited to share her story and her work with you, as well as her hear all of her exciting plans for Spring 2022!

Tell Us About Yourself!

My name is Kalyn Flores, and I’m 34 years old with an 11 year old daughter named Averie. I love being outdoors, animals, and travel.

We would love to know what brought you to where you are now! Tell us about your career as a hairstylist — how you started, all that fun stuff!

I’ve been doing hair off and on since 2008. It was just a job to me at first, but I wanted a job I could be passionate about. I didn’t feel like hair was my ONLY calling. It wasn’t until this year that I realized what I was looking for this whole time was right under my nose. I love building confidence in people and I knew Doll House Aesthetics could do just that. I always knew that I didn’t want to work for anyone else, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever want to be involved with managing a business. But somehow it being my direct business makes it so much fun!  When I think of DHA, I can’t help but get an overwhelming sense of happiness! All I ever dreamed of was having a place of my own, a place filled with the most amazing people that share the same goals who I can VIBE with! And let me tell you, here at DHA, I HAVE JUST THAT! 

What advice would you give to other stylists starting their careers?

INVEST IN YOUR EDUCATION! Furthering your education will help ease the stress of not knowing how to do something. School is so important for fundamentals, but not all techniques are taught there. One thing to know about the hair industry is that it is constantly changing and you absolutely have to continue taking classes. The more you know, the more confidence you will have! Something as simple as an online course can help you learn a new technique or strengthen your existing skills.

Can you tell us why you choose to use hand-tied extensions, and why you use Harper Ellis hair?

I chose Harper Ellis’ extension method for a lot of different reasons. The number one reason was their values. I think that Terra holds such a high standard for her product, as well as her brand, that it just pushes me to want more for myself and my brand as well. My number two reason was quality. I’ve been using hair extensions for a while and the quality of Harper Ellis is unmatched. And my number three reason is the way the method is done means that we are able to control and maintain the integrity of the natural hair, especially for clients who are getting extensions to start a healthy hair journey or who have lost hair due to other reasons. Not to mention, they stand behind the products, and to me, that is priceless. To have a brand fully support you and your business, all while trying to build their own business, is hard to find.

Tell us something you are excited about this spring!

I am so excited to continue my hair extension journey, attracting new clients, and building a brand for myself in the hair extension world.

Thank you so much, Kalyn! We are so inspired by your wisdom and ambition! Be sure to follow Kalyn and her team at Doll House Aesthetics on Instagram and check out some of her incredible work below!